Do you want to attend one of the Best Engineering Colleges in delhi? Your life is about to start a new chapter now that you have graduated from college. Which university will best suit your needs if you need clarification? If so, this blog lists the top 4 colleges at Delhi University.

The colleges at Delhi University are each like a miniature world. It has a lot to offer students interested in studying Science, Commerce, Arts, and Humanities courses. To get a seat there, you should apply to the top 4 Delhi University colleges listed on this blog.

Best Engineering Colleges in Mumbai

Stephen’s College – Best Engineering Colleges in delhi near metro station

The college, which opened its doors in 1881, is considered one of Delhi University’s top educational facilities. The university’s primary college is well-known for its Arts and Science programs. 

It is one of the best college experiences you can have regarding on-campus life. All professors have backgrounds in both training and employment. Getting accepted to this college is challenging due to its high cutoffs and complicated admissions process. This college offers numerous courses, including B.A. Economics with Honors, Physics with Honors, BSc. Chemistry with Honors, BSc. Mathematics with Honors, and others.

Miranda House – Luxurary College in Delhi

In 1948, Miranda House, one of the university’s top women’s colleges, was established. The university offers numerous well-liked courses, including BSc Chemistry (Hons), B.A. Economics (Hons), B.A. English (Hons), B.A. Political Science (Hons), etc. The college has a solid academic program and well-known professors with extensive backgrounds in their fields of expertise. It is the first women’s college at Delhi University to have a student union. Huge, lush, air-conditioned, and Wi-Fi enabled, the campus itself is enormous. 

Hindu College – Best clg in Delhi

hindu college in delhi

Hindu College, one of the most prestigious and venerable colleges at DU, was founded in 1899. This prestigious college on the Delhi University North Campus only accepts the best applicants. This college is well-known for its science programs. You must achieve the university’s cutoff to apply to this college. Hindu College grants the following degrees as part of its core curriculum: BSc. Chemistry (Hons), B.Com. (Hons), B.A. Economics (Hons), B.A. Philosophy (Hons), and BSc. Zoology (Hons).   

Ramjas College – Top college in Delhi

Ramjas College, located on the North Campus, is one of the top institutions for DU aspirants. The Father of the Nation opened it when it was founded in 1917 by renowned philanthropist and educator Rai Kedar Nath in pre-independent India. Because it is co-educational, instructors and students from various backgrounds are welcome.

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