Speaking with a C.A.T. Coaching in Lucknow will be more advantageous if you want to improve your chances of scoring a respectable percentile on the C.A.T. exam but need a more logical perspective on the study techniques and materials. 

I.M.S. Lucknow: Your Pathway to Success in Competitive Exams

I.M.S. Learning Resources was established in 1977 in Mumbai by Prof. N. R. Rane. It is the country’s first test preparation centre for the C.A.T. and other administration placement exams. I.M.S. Lucknow is one of the top training facilities for Management and Law Entrance Exams, including the C.A.T., GMAT, GRE, C.L.A.T., B.B.A., I.P.M., and others. It is the result of numerous surveys conducted on different portals.

FundaMakers: Empowering Students with Knowledge and Success

Surya Pratap Singh founded FundaMakers as a small business on May 1, 2017, to provide gold-standard test preparation by assessing, delineating, and displaying the magnificent flash of preparing for various entrance exams. They provide courses for the C.A.T., GMAT, GRE, X.A.T., C.M.A.T., M.I.C.A.T., and P.G.D.B.A., among many others. Furthermore, FundaMakers offers online C.A.T. preparation courses that will improve your exam passing results.

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T.I.M.E: Unleashing Excellence in Competitive Exam Preparation

A premier C.A.T. training facility in Lucknow, Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.) was founded by Manek N. Daruvala on May 26, 1992. T.I.M.E. is renowned as a multi-program expert coaching centre that offers a wide selection of courses for state and national level exams like the C.A.T., M.A.T., JEE MAIN, and JEE Advanced in addition to international exams like the GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL.

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Career Launcher: Guiding Lucknow’s Aspirants towards Academic and Professional Success

Best Career for Yourself

In 1995, Satya Narayanan R founded Career Launcher to help people realize their potential for success. Career Launcher Educate Ltd., led by a group of highly qualified professionals, including IIT-IIM graduates, has been working to shape the lives and careers of numerous aspirants significantly. They also offer the following courses: M.B.A., GMAT, Law, B.B.A., Banking, and others.

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