Are you interested in attending the best language schools in Pune to learn a foreign language? So that you wouldn’t have to, I researched to compile this list of the top educational institutions.

Learning a language has benefits beyond just understanding dialogue in foreign movies or reading restaurant menus.

French at Alliance Française de Pune

The most well-known institution for teaching French in India is Alliance Française. This renowned Alliance Française global network institution with headquarters in Pune was established in 1973.

The AFP provides most French courses in Pune. Their entire program offering was created with the needs of students and accessibility in mind.

A1 stands for “Discover,” A2 for “Survive,” B1 for “Intermediate,” B2 for “Advanced,” C1 for “Independent,” and C2 for “Mastery.” For adults and children, it offers a variety of offline, hybrid, and online French courses.

German at Goethe-Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan)

The Goethe-Institut, also known as the Max Mueller Bhavan in India, is a nonprofit organization that supports German culture. It oversees 159 institutions globally.

The Goethe-Institut, teaching German in Pune for 60 years, is unquestionably the industry pioneer.

All German programs follow the guidelines of the German embassy in India and are affiliated with the Goethe-Zertifikat, TestDaF, Telc, and other German language exams.

Learn Spanish at Instituto Hispania

Laura Benito founded Instituto Hispania in 1997 to advance Spanish education in India. For their Indian students, they created a unique teaching approach. You can therefore learn better skills in the least amount of time.

Intensive Spanish programs follow a comprehensive DELE syllabus for each level. The CEFRL model serves as the foundation for every Spanish course. It also serves as a Spanish DIE and SIELE testing facility.

ASAP German Language Institute

Different German language schools in Pune offer various German courses, including ASAP. Kids and adults of all skill levels can use it, from novices to experts.

In addition to A1 to C1 programs, they offer corporate training and support students in getting ready for TestDAF and other international German exams. 

Following the DELF curriculum, French classes from A1 to B2 are now being offered. 

Symbiosis Institute (SIFIL)

One of Pune’s top language colleges is the Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Indian and Languages (SIFIL), founded in 2000. A connection exists between it and Symbiosis International University (SIU).

Six different languages are available for instruction at SIFIL: French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

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